Host - a - horde

Great to see so many people yesterday at the "Host a horde" held in the newly refurbished Practitioners' library at the Central Law Courts. Those who knew the old library were pleasantly surprised by the new light and airy environment.
Our thanks to Gael Roberts from the Legal Practice Board Complaints Committee who gave an informative and entertaining overview of the role the LPCC has in this state in relation to the practice, procedure and disciplinary matters required for the legal profession.
Thanks also to Belinda Eisenhauer for all the organisation and the lovely lunch.
Hope to see just as many members again at the Easter breakfast which will be advertised soon.

ALLA Fellowship Award - apps close March 25th

[From Naish Peterson, ALLA National President]

Nominations are now open for the ALLA Fellowship Award.

The ALLA Fellowship Award replaces the BIALL Scholarship and is open to  all ALLA members. As this is a new award, no exclusions for previous  scholarship winners will be applied, i.e. previous BIALL Scholarship  recipients are eligible.

The successful applicant will receive $3000 to attend an international  conference from the following list:
  • American Association of Law Libraries (AALL)
  • British and Irish Association of Law Librarians’ (BIALL)
  • Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL)
  • International Association of Law Libraries (IALL)
  • International Federation of Library Assocations and  Institutions (IFLA)
  • Joint Studies Institute (JSI)
  • New Zealand Law Librarians’ Association (NZLLA)
With ALLA already offering the Lyn Pollack Award to attend the ALLA  National conference and most State and Territory Divisions providing  similar opportunities, the ALLA conference is not available as a  conference to select for this Fellowship. ALLA also hopes that the  Fellowship will enable our members to connect with colleagues on an  international level.

This is a wonderful opportunity for an ALLA member to attend an  international conference with very little out of pocket expenses.

Applications close on Friday 25th March 2011 and no late applications  will be accepted. The application and guidelines can be accessed on the  ALLA website.