On stage with "The Boss"

Stel Podias alerted us to his nephew's moment in the limelight - appearing on stage with Bruce Springsteen during his recent tour of Oz.  One lucky young man!

Position : Mental Health Law Centre (WA)

From Hum-DIS list -

The Mental Health Law Centre (WA) Inc. is a statewide community legal centre specialising in laws that impact particularly on people with a mental illness. The Centre offers legal advice and representation for people with a mental illness in areas of law in which we specialise. The Centre also provides law reform submission and runs a community legal education program.

We are currently seeking for a librarian to establish, manage and operate a Library system for the Centre. The contract is full time for the initial three months and three days per week for a further three months.

Details for the position can be found in our website

Sir John Sulman Prize 2013

Source - website of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Winner Sir John Sulman Prize 2013:  Victoria Reichelt
Title:  After (books)
Medium:  Oil on linen
Dimensions:  130 x 91 cm

With the invention of ebooks, audiobooks and the proliferation of online news and research, the way we receive information is fast changing. Modern-day libraries are as busy as ever these days but people are using the facilities in very different ways, and oddly, the quietest areas tend to be those where the books are. This painting is from a series that considers the changing roles of library spaces as they adjust to keep up with new technologies.

The paintings in this series use the juxtaposition of animals within library environments to consider the changing roles of these spaces. The animals wander through stacks and shelves as they would a forest, tentatively interacting with their foreign environments but never looking very comfortable. The animals hint at the alien way we too may feel about rooms full of books in years to come.

- Victoria Reichelt

Available for employment

Gail Walker has recently moved to Perth and is searching for work. She has worked in corporate, university, government and local council environments. Although a qualified library technician, she is willing to work as a library assistant or similar as she has worked in both roles in Queensland.

Gail is available for all work - whether part-time, full-time or on a contract basis - and can be contacted at gailmw12@hotmail.com.

Staff changes : Law Library, Supreme Court

Lisa Webb joined the Library early in February, on a part-time basis, as Customer Services Librarian. She has swapped public libraries for special libraries.

Belinda Eisenhauer has changed her role to (Acting) Senior Librarian.

Belinda Eisenhauer

2013 Voiceless Animal Law Lecture

The 2013 Animal Law Lecture Series is an opportunity to discuss the important relationship of ethics and law and whether a legal voice for animals can make a difference.

The Animal Voice: Securing Interests Through Law

Friday, 3 May 2013, 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm


Level 37, QV.1
250 St Georges Terrace

Register:  www.voiceless.org.au/lecture

In its seventh year, the 2013 Voiceless Animal Law Lecture Series will present the nation’s leading legal minds to discuss different approaches of animal law including constitutions and treaties that provide protection for animals, regulatory issues, standing, property status and ethics.

Exploring these legal considerations for the Lecture Series, Voiceless is proud to present our international keynote speaker, Antoine F. Goetschel.

Antoine is a Swiss lawyer based in Zurich with a career focus on animal law. Currently partner at law firm Krepper Knecht Partner, Antoine was previously the animal welfare lawyer for the Canton of Zurich. The first position of its kind worldwide, Antoine represented the interests of animals in criminal cases as a public official.

As the founder and former Director of the Foundation for the Animal and a specialist in human-animal-relationships in Swiss and international law, Antoine has represented animal interests in cruelty cases and played a prominent role in Swiss animal law referendums. He fought successfully for having the “dignity of living beings” protected by the Swiss Constitution and for animals being recognised as non-objects in legislation.

As one of the world’s leading animal rights lawyers and a pioneer in this field, Antoine Goetschel will undoubtedly deliver an inspiring and insightful presentation on the potential future of animal law. Antoine is the keynote speaker for the 2013 Animal Law Lecture Series and will be presenting at all locations.

Dana Campbell
Chief Executive Officer
Voiceless : the Animal Protection Institute

New issue of Legal Information Management : March 2013



David Wills
Legal Information Management , Volume 13 , Issue 01 , March 2013, pp 1 - 1


In Memoriam: John Jeffries
Christine Miskin
Legal Information Management , Volume 13 , Issue 01 , March 2013, pp 2 - 2

Chinese Law And Legal Information

The Nature of a Communist-Based Legal System and the Post-18th Party Congress Implications
Czarina Poon
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Legal Education in China: The New “Outstanding Legal Personnel Education Scheme” and Its Implications
Wenhua Shan
Legal Information Management , Volume 13 , Issue 01 , March 2013, pp 10 - 24

An overview of English Resources for Chinese Legal Research
John Bahrij, Lily Ko
Legal Information Management , Volume 13 , Issue 01 , March 2013, pp 25 - 40

Managing and Using Elements of Legal Information in Legal Practice
Li Zheng
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International Perspectives

Recent Political–Legal Developments, Practical Legal Training and the Law Development Centre Library in Uganda
Joseph A. Semugabi
Legal Information Management , Volume 13 , Issue 01 , March 2013, pp 43 - 51

An Institutional Repository for Undergraduate Students: a Case Study at St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi (India)
Raj Kumar Bhardwaj, Shikha Kaushik
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Current Issues

Collection Development Policies in Law Firm Libraries: Do we Need Them?
Jasmin Hollingum
Legal Information Management , Volume 13 , Issue 01 , March 2013, pp 62 - 65

Practical Matters

My Intranet Road Show: Promotion, Presentations and Profile-Raising
Jackie Fishleigh
Legal Information Management , Volume 13 , Issue 01 , March 2013, pp 66 - 68

Conference Reports

The Path to 2020: A Vision for Change. Personal Reflections on the PLL (Private Law Libraries) Summit Held at the 105th Annual Meeting and Conference of the American Association of Law Libraries
Kathryn Hayes
Legal Information Management , Volume 13 , Issue 01 , March 2013, pp 69 - 73

Current Awareness

Current Awareness
Katherine Read, Laura Griffiths
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Book Reviews

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Gillian Watt
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Save now, read later

Cheryl Niemeier, Director of Library Services at Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, has written an article about "5 great save it now read it later tools".


How many times have you happened upon great articles on the web but not had time to read them?  Do you keep tons of tabs for webpages open because you want to read them later?  Many save it now and read it later type tools are available to help you organize and save webpages for later reading and cure the need for multiple open tabs.

Most of these tools are free or only require a Twitter / Facebook sign-in.  These are not the only tools out there, but have a play and see which one suits you the best.

Mawghan Elverd

WA Government Gazette online : update

The Gazette is now available in PDF format from 1929 to the present at www.slp.wa.gov.au.

Thanks to Lisa Lester for the update.

ALIA think tank

ALIA ebooks and elending think tank (free event)

State Library of WA, Great Southern Room, Thursday 7 March, 2pm-4pm

This session follows on from the successful ALIA ebooks and elending think tank held at Information Online in Brisbane. Join the debate in Perth on 7 March. Help shape the sector’s response to government policy and commercial initiatives, and support ALIA’s lobbying and advocacy efforts.

The speakers will be Margaret Allen, State Librarian of WA, and David Howard, University Librarian, Edith Cowan University.

Discussion will be prompted by people’s experience of the ebook situation in public, school, academic and special library settings. We will also consider the issue from an international perspective.

The ALIA think tank is open to all library and information professionals. Spaces are limited, so register now to secure your place.

Noreen Kirkman AALIA | ALIA Western Australia Manager

9 –11 Napier Close Deakin ACT 2600 | PO BOX 6335 Kingston ACT 2604

mob 0417618286| ph 02 6215 8229 | noreen.kirkman@alia.org.au