Court tour

On Thursday, 21 November 2013, nine enthusiastic participants attended the ALLA (WA) court tour.  The tour was run by Maire from the Francis Burt Law Education Programme.

In an empty courtroom in the District Court, we had an informative session about the different roles and where various people in the Court are placed.  We then entered a court session in progress.  This was intriguing as the proceedings were formal yet there was still room for the Judge to show a sense of humour.  We witnessed some fascinating cross-examination and it certainly would have been interesting to hear more.  Unfortunately, time was against us so we returned to the Old Court House Law Museum to participate in our own mock trial.

The trial was that of 20-year-old Audrey Jacob who was accused of shooting her fiancĂ© at the Government House Ballroom in 1925.

The Judge took control of the courtroom, aided by her Associate...
...while the Usher sat and waited for instructions.
Could this be the murder weapon?  The Usher shows a witness the article in question.
Meanwhile, Prosecution Counsel addresses the Court...Defence Counsel prepares to pounce.
Oh dear, I hope it wasn't so boring that the Jury Foreperson has fallen asleep.
Here stands the accused.  Does she look a bit like she just got away with murder?
Unfortunately, the jury could not come to a unanimous decision.  The case was sent for retrial.
Lisa Webb