Legal Aid Law Library is moving

It is all a buzz here as Legal Aid WA is on the move to new premises. We officially close the doors at 5pm on 28th May and open again on Tuesday the 2nd June at Level 2, 32 St Georges Terrace, Perth (the re-built May Holman building), now called Golden Square. Our phone numbers, email addresses etc. all remain the same, only our fax number has changed to 9261 6554.

Anyway Judy and I are very excited and we shall invite you all for a look see at our beautiful new space very soon.

Have a great long weekend and think about me directing removalist whilst you sip your wine in the sun.

Deb Harvey
Legal Aid WA

Third Party Claims Tribunal of Western Australia decisions

Good morning,

The Law Library, Supreme Court of WA is looking for other libraries in WA which may hold the decisions of the Third Party Claims Tribunal.

If any holding library could contact me, together with their holdings details, I would be grateful.

Many thanks,

ALLA(WA) Member - Belinda Eisenhauer
Librarian, The Law Library, Supreme Court of WA

The world’s most improbable libraries

Author Alex Johnson was recently interviewed on Late Night Live (Radio National) on the topic of his book Improbable Libraries: A Visual Journey to the World's Most Unusual Libraries.

Some of the intriguing and amazing libraries that he discusses include subway and taxi-based libraries in South America, animal-driven mobile libraries (camels and donkeys!), tiny lending libraries, and grassroots libraries like that of Occupy Wall Street.

You can read a summary or download the interview from the RN website.

Link contributed by
ALLA(WA) Member - Catherine Macgill
Law Librarian, Law Library, Supreme Court of Western Australia

PD Opportunity for ALLA Members: Mitigating Risk

Collaborate and Learn

ALLA is proud to collaborate with LexisNexis to bring you this webinar series. ALLA will continue to collaborate with leaders in the information industry to bring you the expertise to help you turn information into knowledge.

Webinar: Mitigation financial, regulatory and reputational risk

Now more than ever law firms are under pressure to better understand their prospects, clients, litigation opponents, IOP/M&A targets and business associates to help mitigate their financial, regulatory and reputational risk and reduce liability.

Join this 1 hour webinar to gain an understanding of the;
  • Current anti-corruption and compliance landscape
  • Regulators expectations
  • Recent enforcement activity
  • Due diligence process (from free > paid > risk advisors)

You can see the full invitation, with some information about the speaker, Mark Dunn, here.

Registration only takes a minute, click here to sign up or follow the links in the invitation.

CPD Event Report: Copyright & Law Firms

Image by Horia Varlan from Flickr, used under CC BY 2.0
Roshan Khadka from the Copyright Agency gave a presentation on Copyright Licensing and the Copyright Act to 11 ALLA (WA) members yesterday, 20th May 2015.

While law firms are regularly assisted by helpful sections in the Copyright Act 1968 (s 43), most people don’t realise that they are in fact violating the Copyright Act when:

  • A fee earner or staff member emails an news article to another fee earner or staff member about a client or current situation
  • A fee earner forwards a news or journal article – something published – internally to another employee or externally on to a client or a friend
  • A staff member goes to a competitor’s website, downloads an article or newsletter that the competitor firm has written and forwards it internally to another staff member.
  • A fee earner is writing an article for marketing purposes and needs to research the position and therefore downloads a mass of articles from their LexisNexis subscription (this isn’t even covered by the classic “for the purposes of research and study”)
  • Human Resources trawl a competitor’s website and download a mass of CVs for headhunting purposes
  • Someone downloads a news article, saves it on the network or to a document management system in order to link to it in the staff newsletter

The Copyright Agency provides annual blanket licenses covering organisations for these sort of purposes. In light of increasing pending infringements – some unearthed through the use of tracking cookies in articles and downloads (534 at last count, 180 against mining companies and 7 against unnamed law firms), it would be prudent for all organisations to look into blanket licensing via the Copyright Agency. It really is surprisingly affordable (seriously!), and even more so when faced with the prospect of a fine.

Thank you to Natalie McDonald and Luise Crisafulli for organising the event, and to Justin Booker for providing the venue.

ALLA(WA) Member - Kelly Underwood
Senior Researcher, Squire Patton Boggs (AU)

Notice to the Profession: Law Library at the Supreme Court

Dear members,

The State Solicitors Office released a communication on Monday 18 May 2015 about the future of the Law Library at the Supreme Court of Western Australia, please see the attached notice.

Consultation seminars and workshops have been organised to aid in addressing any questions from the profession.

These seminars will be held on Monday, 25 May from 1.00-2.00pm, Monday, 25 May from 4.30-5.30pm, and Friday, 29 May from 9.00-10.00am at the Law Society, Level 5, 160 St Georges Terrace, Perth.

If you would like to attend one of the sessions please register with Emily Negus at the State Solicitors Office either by telephone (08) 9264 1888 or

I will be attending one of these sessions, and intend to seek clarification regarding access to the Law Library collection for librarians and library staff; and how inter-library loans and requests will be handled.

I would encourage everyone to either attend or provide feedback.  If you are unable to attend and would like me to broach a question on your behalf, please feel free to contact me on

Mawghan Elverd

ALLA(WA) President 2014/2015

Copyright and 'licence paralysis'

In preparation for our upcoming Copyright and Law Firms event (RSVP by 18th May!), this brief blog post from the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee is worth a read.

The piece describes the contradiction between copyright parameters prescribed by law and the restrictive licences drafted by many content providers. If we transferred this way of thinking to the print world, it wouldn't make sense:

Imagine a world where every book on every library shelf had different terms and conditions of use. Where before book was borrowed a ledger was consulted as to acceptable uses for that book. Where some books may be taken home, others read only in the library, still others only read by certain people, at certain times and in certain ways.

But this is the world that we create with licenced resources. The post points to international position statements as well as copyright reform proposals that would disallow licences from overriding use rights granted by copyright law. The next few years are sure to be interesting as publishers negotiate new models of selling and delivering content while libraries continue to fight for affordable and equitable licencing.

ALLA(WA) Committee Member - Megan Fitzgibbons. 
Librarian, University of Western Australia.

Knowledge Consultant Positions - King & Wood Mallesons

Originally Sent through the ALLA-ANZ Mailing List

We have positions vacant for a Knowledge Consultant in Brisbane and a Knowledge Consultant in Sydney.


We are looking for a Knowledge Consultant to join our Knowledge Management team in Brisbane.  In this role you will provide high quality legal and business research, training and knowledge management services to internal and external clients.  The position is full time or part time (4 days).

For full position details and to apply, please see our website.

For further information on this role, please contact Olanda Gislason at


We are looking for a Knowledge Consultant to join our Knowledge Management team in Sydney.  In this role you will provide high quality legal and business research, training and knowledge management services to internal and external clients.  The position is full time.

For full position details and to apply, please see our website.

For further information on this role, please contact Ellen Reynolds at

Feel like you have something to Blog about?

Pimthida, "Idea" CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Do you have an idea for a blog topic?

Do you think there is something we should discuss?

Do you have something to share?

Your latest trip with the Australian Law Librarian, an interesting article, something you just think fellow ALLA(WA) members would be interested in?

Send through you ideas and suggestions (with an explanation of what it is) to and your Blog editors, Megan and Alice, will look through them and post them up when appropriate!

We'll give all posts appropriate credit - unless you want to remain anonymous.

This blog is for ALLA(WA) members, by ALLA(WA) members so feel free to contribute anything you want to!

Image Credit: Pimthida, "Idea", used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

High Court of Australian Digital Collection - New Judgments Database

The High Court of Australia's decisions from 2000 onwards are now available from the Court's website

The new digital collection showcases an advanced interface developed through the use of open source software, DSpace and with the assistance of BarNet - JADE who provided enhancements to the search engine and customisation of the interface.

There are plans for further content to be added such as the Unreported Judgments.

You can subscribe to email alerts for advance notice of judgment delivery by clicking on Subscribe to Judgment Alerts on the Judgement Database homepage.

Reality TV: court hearing videos

The UK Supreme Court recently announced on-demand access to video recordings of proceedings through the court's website (see current cases and decided cases). The streaming videos are available on the next working day after a hearing and continue to be accessible for one year.

Meanwhile, in Canada, a selection of Supreme Court hearings are available as streaming videos via the Cable Public Affairs Channel (which also shows parliamentary proceedings, documentaries, and other political programmes). Video recordings back to 2009 are also available on the Supreme Court's website.

Of course, the Australian High Court also posts video recordings of  full court hearings in Canberra, with archives back to 2013 (select cases).

These recordings are valuable resources for anyone interested in  judicial affairs or doing research into particular decisions. It will be interesting to see how questions of metadata, storage, and public access are handled as the courts' video collections expand.

ALLA(WA) Committee Member - Megan Fitzgibbons. 
Librarian, University of Western Australia.

CPD event: Copyright & Law Firms

ALLA(WA) invites members to a brown bag lunch session: Copyright & Law Firms.

This session will look at how the Copyright Act 1968 applies to the daily workflow of law firms.

Roshan Khadka from Copyright Agency will present on:
  • Copyright101 - refresher on copyright law basics
  • Definitions and practical examples
  • Application to workplace activities, and client communication
  • Common copyright myths and pitfalls
  • Exceptions in the Act related to law firms and compliance gaps
  • Risks, tips and solutions
Where: Corrs, Level 15, 240 St Georges Terrace, Perth

When: Wednesday, 20th May 2015 @ 12.30pm - 2pm

RSVP: Luise Crisafulli ( by Monday 18th May 2015

Fancy a trip to Berlin?

The International Association of Law Libraries will hold its annual conference in Berlin, Germany from 20-24 September 2015.

Several bursaries are being offered to provide financial assistance to attendees, and some are open to non-members. More information is available on the IALL website. The bursary application deadline is 5 June 2015.

Shhh...The Librarians Are Doing PowerPoint Comedy

According to The Wall Street Journal Digits Blog - Librarians love PowerPoint Comedy.

PowerPoint Karaoke, as it is also know, began in Germany around 2006 and is is based on a simple concept: Let the participants make an unprepared presentation to a randomly chosen PowerPoint presentation. Let a jury make a judgment. A winner is crowned.

Big companies like Google compete for bragging rights at the technology industry Speechless tournament. Recently the Association of College and Research Libraries, the California Library Association and the American Library Association have hosted competitive PowerPoint Karaoke events at their annual conferences.

The Digits Blog explains the concept in more detail:

"At the California Library Association’s annual conference, librarians have given fake talks on real issues in their world, including “Outreach and Embedded Librarians” and “Innovation in the Modern Library.” The trick is to make the speech flow with baffling accompanying slides, such as a photo of exercise guru Richard Simmons in glitter clothing, and a jacket cover for a (real) book titled “How to Raise Your I.Q. by Eating Gifted Children."

For those who fear public speaking this may be a nerve wracking experience, but there might be some benefits. Author and professional speaker Scott Berkun discusses the experience of presenting to someone else's slides that you see for the first time as auto-advance up on the screen in front of your audience. He states:

"I believe in the theory of trying something insanely hard to make normal work feel easier"

I'm tempted to give it a go - perhaps it's an idea for the 2016 ALLA conference. That being said, I'm sure that most of us can think of at least one occasion in their lives where they have done a presentation to someone else's slides that your not completely familiar with - sometimes they can be your own slides that you are not familiar with. The bonus of PowerPoint Karaoke over a work presentation - you can be funnier. As Berkun says, play for comedy - the audiences wants spectacle.

You can find your own PowerPoint Karaoke slides from dedicated sights like or through Facebook, Google and Flickr image searches - try find something that will make someone laugh in a glace - no matter what the topic of the presentation is to be.

And just think, you might be a closeted improv-comedian and you don't even know.

Take a look at this Battledeck:

ALLA(WA) Committee Member - Alice Hewitt. 
Librarian, Reference and Information Services, Murdoch University.

Canadian law librarians' conference

The Canadian Association of Law Libraries / L'Association canadienne des bibliothèques de droit (CALL/ACBD) is currently holding its annual conference in Moncton, New Brunswick, and the ALLA(WA) committee's own Alice Hewitt is in attendance.

For a glimpse into what hot topics are being discussed in Canadian law libraries, have a look at the program on the conference website.

Books v. Art.

Book Art. It's everywhere. Except, unfortunately, it's not in my library and probably not in yours.

So here's a collection of some awesome places to see some awesome book art to make your Friday afternoon more awesome.

Inspiration Green

Journey to Aragoza - Cara Barer
This website shows a collection of sculptures made from books - and some, you wouldn't even know they are made from a book. The focus is using old books to up-cycle them into something beautiful - what else is there to do with a stack of old phone books and some screws? There's even a 'Book Cell' that you can walk through.

Jodi Harvey-Brown

A collection of book sculptures made by hand by Jodi Harvey-Brown. You can purchase from her Etsy Shop. Custom orders available.

In the Library - Jodi Harvey-Brown
" The books that we love to read should be made to come to life.  Characters, that we care so much for, should come out of the pages to show us their stories.  What we see in our imaginations as we read should be there for the world to see.  My book sculptures are my way of making stories come alive."


Nicholas Jones

Peter | Island - Nicholas Jones
A Melbourne based artist who uses books and paper to question the future of the written word. His artwork is group into type - folded books, carved books, cut books, torn & sewn books, sculpted books, and installations.

The Most Beautiful Examples of Books Sculptures

Municipal Library of Prague

Bored Panda brings you a collection of 78 different books sculptures and installations from around the world. Take a look - some of my faves include Book of Life, House in a Field, Dutch Book Week Written Portraits, The Little Mermaid, and For My Beloved.

13 Sculptures Made Out of Books

Bristol Museum Sculpture - Mike Stilkey
Mental Floss offers us a slightly more refined collection of book sculptures. The flying books is something I have always wanted to do.

Need some more?

Inspired to make your own Book art?

Feel the urge to create something this weekend? Take a look at the how to videos on You Tube and step by step instructions available on Instructables.

ALLA(WA) Committee Member - Alice Hewitt. 
Librarian, Reference and Information Services, Murdoch University.