Happy Halloween from ALLA(WA)

For your zombie-related Halloween reading pleasure, might we recommend the following:

Maintaining Academic Library Services During the Zombie Apocalypse by Sarah McHone-Chase and Lynne M. Thomas, a chapter in Braaaiiinnnsss!: From Academics to Zombies published by the University of Ottawa Press [link to Google Books]

7 reasons libraries are our only hope in case of a zombie apocalypse, posted on Bustle. Yes, there are animated gifs! If the site doesn't work, try the cached page.

Update: Law via Internet conference places still available

Cross-posted from the ALLA-ANZ email list

The Programme, with session times, for the 15th Law via Internet Conference, starting in Sydney in two weeks time, is now available at http://www.lvi2015.org/programme/.

The Hon Gabrielle Upton, Attorney-General of New South Wales, will give the opening address to the Conference, following the welcome from Professor Ian Jacobs, Vice Chancellor and President, UNSW Australia. Paul Chadwick, distinguished journalist and lawyer, will then address the Plenary Session, on the relationships the media and free access to law. Fourteen parallel sessions, most with three presentations, then follow.

Registration closes on 2nd November 2015, and some places are still available.

CPD opportunity for ALLA members: 10 ways of getting insights using Manzama

Collaborate and Learn

This month ALLA is proud to collaborate with Manzama. 

Over the coming months ALLA will collaborate with leaders in the information industry to bring you expertise and knowledge that will enable you to turn information into knowledge.

10 ways of getting insights using Manzama – Presented by Ian Mears
Manzama is a 'listening tool' - searching a curated slice of valuable sources of information from the open web. It is the only such tool created specifically for busy professionals and the legal industry. The solution delivers industry and client news to ensure legal professionals are up-to-date with their clients' industries, and not just legal developments. Creating a better relationship with clients and highlighting opportunities.

As well as using individual customised profiles to cut through 'big-data' and deliver daily news alerts, there are other ways that knowledge professionals are deploying Manzama through their organisations.

Please join the webinar to learn more about 10 different methods of finding and sharing relevant news.

Click here to register. 
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. 
When:  Wednesday, Oct 28, 2015 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM AEDT
Cost: Free to ALLA members, join us if you are interested
We thank: Manzama for assistance

About Ian:
Ian is the Sales & Account Manager, Australia / New Zealand for Manzama. He is responsible for Manzama business development and client services in the Asia Pacific region and for ensuring each of our valued clients gets the most out of their investment.
Our next-generation Content Intelligence Platform is specifically designed for professionals, it mines and analyses vast amounts of business related information and delivers unique and highly relevant intelligence to each stakeholder across the organisation - allowing each to stay updated on client, practice, and industry developments while also keeping abreast of competitive intelligence. 

ALLA(WA) Committee Member - Jaya Ralph
Librarian, Curtin University

New legal information search engine in development

The SlawTips blog recently drew attention to a new tool from the Canadian organisation Global-Regulation Inc. Its search engine, to quote, "enables searching 225,000+ laws from the European Union, United States, Canada, China, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Germany, Japan and other countries" (including Australia). It automatically translates text into English using Google Translate in addition to providing the original vernacular text. The database is growing and aims to have more than 500,00 statutes available next year.

It is a subscription service, but free trial searches can be conducted. The list of jurisdictions included is here.

Are long terms of copyright beneficial?

The recent secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations have alarmed advocates for balanced approaches to copyright. The agreement takes the American lead in extended terms of copyright in all signing jurisdictions to the life of a work's creator plus 70 years. This doesn't affect Australian law, which already applies this term, but the agreement has prompted much discussion about the lengthy term of copyright and its purpose. This article in The Conversation by Catherine Bond (UNSW) briefly argues that rather than extending the length of copyright, a "strong public domain provides significant economic benefits".

For more analysis, check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation and ALIA's FAIR campaign.

ALLA(WA) Secretary - Megan Fitzgibbons.
Librarian, University of Western Australia.

Open Access Week 19-25 October 2015

International Open Access Week begins today, 19th October. This annual event aims to raise awareness of the beneficial impacts of open access publishing and to "inspire wider participation" in this way of disseminating knowledge. The conversation is happening on Twitter as well as at local community events, particularly hosted by universities. Some Australian events are listed by the Australasian Open Access Support Group.

While much of the discussion about open access is related to scholarly publishing, the issue is also of prime importance in the realm of legal information. The Declaration on Free Access to Law, made in 2002 at a meeting of legal information institutes, states that "Public legal information from all countries and international institutions is part of the common heritage of humanity. Maximising access to this information promotes justice and the rule of law". The Free Access to Law Movement continues to grow and influence the way that legal information is accessed and used.

And finally, if you want to support open access in general society, check out the Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on Tuesday, 20th October at 9 am AWST. The edit-a-thon aims to leverage collaboration to improve, create, and translate Wikipedia pages related to open access.

ALLA(WA) Secretary - Megan Fitzgibbons.
Librarian, University of Western Australia.

Call for chapter proposals: Beyond Mentoring

If you're looking to try your hand at writing—or feel passionate about the importance of mentoring in the LIS profession—this call for book chapter proposals might be of interest.

Beyond Mentoring; a guide for librarians and information professionals

Edited by Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen, published by Chandos (UK)

Proposals due November 1st, 2015

Chapters due January 10th, 2016

5,000-7,000 words


It seems that you cannot google librarian without finding a librarian mentoring program or leadership institute anymore. There are a plethora of options available to the new librarian, mid career librarian, librarian interested in leadership, new library director… Well, you get the point, there seems to be a mentorship program for any and every librarian out there. This book intends to look at mentorship, mentorship programs, what works, what doesn’t, and some different types of techniques such as group mentoring, peer mentoring, and more.

This book will look at many aspects of mentoring, various programs, how they got started, successes, and not. The book will also go beyond the usual types of mentoring, and look outside at newer and different models. What makes mentoring so successful, and so coveted is having that one on one connection with someone in the institution, association, or field. There are more than the one way to do that, and newer research on learning models, and on how newer professionals learn opens those models up to the wider group of professionals. In some ways, these are already in use.

An Example of the cohort model that this book will have a case study on is the American Library Association Emerging Leader model. Another example is the Sunshine State leadership Institute. This book will also provide a toolkit, or DIY portion on building your own program. I recently had the experience of designing a program and proposal for an association section. We went through many steps in the process from research to talking to constituents, to getting into the logistics. The final section of the book will offer perspectives on this, and tools that people can use in designing their own programs.

If you are interested in submitting a chapter proposal visit: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16K53wcD0bgmx8fTE4EnBeBfRaXWAVxo4CLuNWZ-72U8/viewform

Send questions to dawn.lowe.win@gmail.com

23 (research data) Things for 2016 from ANDS

Cross-posted from the WAIN e-mail list

If you are a person who cares for, and about, data and want to fill in some gaps, learn more, find out what others are thinking... then this might be of interest.

ANDS and the research data community will come together in a new way for 2016 using the 23 Things concept to learn more about how to better manage and optimise the value of our research data.

See http://ands.org.au/partner/23-things.html. ANDS will act as facilitator but it's self-directed.

Our 23 Things will run in two parts:

Part 1: Create our 23 Things
1. Oct - Nov 2015: Add your suggestions to our long list
2. 1-13 Dec 2015: Shortlist of the 23 Things
3. Jan 2016: Create our 23 Things poster

Part 2: Do our 23 Things
1. 1 Feb 2016: announce our 23 Things, how to sign up (to get an email reminder, send your details to guides@ands.org.au or subscribe to andsUP)

2. 8 Feb 2016: webinar explaining how it will work, a chance to ask questions, announce/find out about your local group

3. 1 March 2016: start 23 Things
  • Ongoing online self-directed learning, with sub communities to help us sustain our enthusiasm
  • Pragmatic and achievable: weekly activities will be one hour long (or less) with choices within each activity
  • Every so often we'll have a "week off" to catch up
  • Things will be grouped under topics with check-in catch ups at the completion of the topic roughly every 4-6 weeks
  • Flexible: you can tackle any or all of the items in each topic in any order - you can do one a week, or cram for the catch up and do them all in one week
4. November 2016: celebrate!

To be involved right now: 
  • Add your suggestions to our long list
  • Make sure you will know when final details are announced: either -
    • send your name, email details to: guides@ands.org.au so we can let you know when and how to sign up on 1 Feb 2016
    • sign up to andsUP
  • Talk to your supervisor about supporting you to do about one hour or less per week to do your 23 (research data) Things in 2016 - of course, you can do it in your own time and it doesn't have to be part of your work commitment. You also don't have to do all 23 Things - it's about what you want to know! The program has the support of ALIA, CAVAL and WAGUL.
  • Join the Google + Data Librarians community
Feel free to contact myself or Gerry Ryder (gerry.ryder@ands.org.au - 08 8303 8687 (Adelaide)) or Karen Visser (karen.visser@ands.org.au - 02 6125 7121 (Canberra)) for further information or suggestions.

Regards Sue Cook, Data Librarian | Research Data Support | Library Services Information Management & Technology CSIRO E sue.cook@csiro.au

RSS feed for Commonwealth Bills

This handy tip is shared courtesy of Richard Vankoningsveld, librarian at Legal Aid Queensland.

The Latest Updates to Bills section on the APH homepage essentially provides updates to what looks like a mirror of the Parlinfo Bills homepages. I decided to create an RSS feed from that page, which I've been testing for some time. It appears to be pretty stable and working as I'd expect now, so I'm putting it out there for all to use. The feed is at http://pittstreetpress.com/Resources/APH-rss/feed.xml

If you want to read about how I made it, and details of a couple of limitations to it, see here. Any comments or suggestions on how it could be improved etc welcomed. Otherwise feel free to use the feed in any way you'd like to.

Not sure how to use an RSS feed? Check out this brief guide from UWA.

Building the resilient library whitepaper

The second in a series of panel discussions called ‘Sustainable Library’, a whitepaper on Building a resilient library was recently released and is based on a Special Libraries Association (SLA) 2015 conference hot topic session.

Topics covered include:
  • What it means to be resilient, and run a resilient library
  • Setting the scene – organisational overviews
  • Leveraging and creating change: practical examples
  • Securing organisation support – what works
  • Examples of impact
  • Characteristics of library change agents.
Adapt, act and thrive: ensuring a sustainable library’ the first in the Sustainable Libraries series is also available for download and provides examples of how as library professionals we can adapt to challenges, act, and thrive within our organisations and profession.

ALLA(WA) Past President - Mawghan Elverd.
Acting Knowledge Manager, Jackson McDonald.

Digital Trends online course

Text reproduced from ALIA's promotion of the course.

Digital Trends Roundup 2015

Do you feel like it's a challenge to keep up with the wide range of tech trends and tools that come around every year? This NEW three week online course will give you the opportunity to catch up with what's new. We plan to make this an annual course, reviewing the digital scene each year - giving you the opportunity to set aside a little time annually to focus on improving your tech general knowledge. Social media, search engines, educational apps, research and bibliographic tools, new devices... While no one can be across everything, we'll make it easier for you to meet the contemporary expectations of a library and information management professional.

Dates: 7 Nov - 27 Nov 2015

Register by 30 Oct

Open to ALIA members and non members. More information and to register

Article: librarians' perceptions of lawyers' searching behaviour

The latest issue of the Law Library Journal (from the American Association of Law Libraries) has an article that might be of interest:

Chancellor, R. (2015). Getting it from the source: What librarians think about lawyer search behavior. Law Library Journal, 107(2), 287-295.

To be honest, the results are probably not unexpected for any librarian: lawyers use electronic resources and want their information fast! However, the study, which is a survey of 100+ American law librarians, is an interesting contribution to testing whether general models of professionals' information seeking behaviour apply in specific circumstances (such as law firms).

Other articles in the issue include:

  • The Career Path, Education, and Activities of Academic Law Library Directors Revisited Twenty-Five Years Later [2015-8] Michael J. Slinger and Sarah C. Slinger
  • A Survey of Law Libraries in Rwanda [2015-9] Brian D. Anderson
  • Indian Treaties: A Bibliography [2015-10] Beth DiFelice
  • Contemporary Land Grabbing: Research Sources and Bibliography [2015-11] Jootaek Lee
  • Getting It from the Source: What Librarians Think About Lawyer Search Behavior [2015-12] Renate Chancellor
  • Keeping Up with New Legal Titles [2015-13] Benjamin J. Keele and Nick Sexton
  • Practicing Reference . . . Not What I Planned (A Writing Detour) [2015-14]
  • Mary Whisner Diversity Dialogues . . . We All Do It: Unconscious Behavior, Bias, and Diversity [2015-15] Ronald Wheeler
  • Making Management Work . . . The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of the Parts: Making the Most of What You Have [2015-16] Lynne F. Maxwell

ALLA(WA) Secretary - Megan Fitzgibbons.
Librarian, University of Western Australia.

Roundtable on current awareness tools

Sharing knowledge is what librarians do best! ALLA(WA) invites you to tap into our shared wisdom at a roundtable discussion on current awareness tools. In this informal session, members will exchange ideas and advice on the processes and resources that are out there for tracking and distributing legal information. Please feel free to bring your lunch.

Time: 1:00-2:00pm

Date: Tuesday, 20th October

Place: Jackson McDonald, Level 17, 225 St Georges Terrace

RSVP by 16th October using this form: http://bit.ly/20OctRSVP

Law via Internet conference programme released

Cross-posted from the ALLA-ANZ email list

 AustLII has now released a draft programme for Law via Internet 2015 - http://www.lvi2015.org/programme/

LvI 2015 has over 40 speakers from 15 countries, plus many distinguished session chairs. There will be sessions on ’The media and free access law’, 'International law online’, 'Sports law transparency’, 'Reclaiming legal history’, ‘Innovation in free access to scholarship’, the semantic web and law, language and translation, and many other topical issues.

It is the first time since 2003 that AustLII has hosted the annual LvI conference and meeting of the Free Access to Law Movement, and a rare opportunity to hear first-hand of developments in Europe, East Asia, Africa and elsewhere.

We encourage you to register for a stimulating international conference, to be held at UNSW Law Faculty. Registrations will close on 2 November.

Share your thoughts!

ALLA (WA Division) and ALLA Ltd. are continually working on developing the best services for our members. As part of this, we are reaching out to WA members to let us know what you want to see from your Association.

Please take some time to let us know what you think, even if it is just via an email. Have an idea for a CPD event? Let us know. Find something interesting that you would like to be shared on the ALLA WA Blog? Want to write a post? Send it through to allawablog@gmail.com and we’ll share it.

If you have ideas to share and like to see your name in print, the Australian Law Librarian journal also recently put out a call for contributions. More information is on the journal's website

Note: current ALLA(WA) members have been emailed information about providing feedback via a SWOT analysis exercise (due 16th October 2015).

If you have renewed your membership through 2016 but did NOT receive that email, please check that your email address is correct by logging in to your profile on the ALLA website. If you cannot log in because you registered with an old email address that you can no longer access, contact the ALLA membership coordinator.

The Journal goes North

Megan’s photo reminded me that the Australian Law Librarian has been on another journey – to Canada and Alaska in June. This photo was taken after we flew to Taku Lodge (near Juneau) by float plane. Flew over glaciers, landed, then three bears came out of the woods to lick the barbecue after we had finished eating. Magical day.

ALLA(WA) Member Jenny Lucre.
Librarian, Magistrates' Court Library.