Libraries in the "news"

It seems that The Onion  has a thing for the Library of Congress with a recent spate of articles where the LOC is a star. Take a look if you need some laughs to help you get through your afternoon!

ALLA (WA) recognises that The Onion is a satire website. If you need assistance in determining if a news article is genuine, have a look at the IFLA - How to Spot Fake News Infographic or ask your Librarian.

So, it's 1948, and you want to be a Librarian

Ever wondered what Librarian School was like in 1948? The State Library of Victoria's Blog tells us all in their post So, you want to be a librarian?

It holds some great gems including a sample assignment, and links to newspaper articles in Trove (just don't be like me and get to stuck into fixing the text... promise me 5 mins tops!)

Special thanks to Justin Booker for the tip off!

ALLA(WA) Presidents Corner - Vol. 2 Issue 1

Natalie McDonald,
ALLA (WA) President, 2017-2018


We held our AGM on 9th August 2017 where the new 2017/2018 Committee were confirmed. This term we had a few new members join the Committee, David McDowell from Jackson McDonald and Judy Allan from Legal Aid. I would like to welcome David and Judy to the Committee.

I would also like to welcome back the following Committee members :
  • Vice President: Stephen Griffiths
  • Secretary : Alice Hewitt
  • Treasurer: Anne Young
  • Committee members: Gil Bevan and Catherine Kafentzis.
Details of the new Committee will be updated on the ALLA website soon and can be already found on the About The Committee page of this blog.

I mentioned at the AGM that the attendance at past AGM’s and CPD events had been poor and one of our focus’ for last term was to look at ways of improving the attendance. The Committee has worked hard in organising events, seeking feedback from members who attended the events but the support unfortunately hasn’t been there from the membership.

Not only is the support dwindling from attendance at CPD events, last term and this term we were struggling to form a Committee of Management. If the support from the membership continues to decline then the WA Division may have to look at winding up. We will do our best not to let this happen but we need your support.

Upcoming ALLA(WA) PD & Social Events

The ALLA(WA) CPD & Events Sub Committee are planning a Spring Breakfast for October where new and existing members can get together. Further details will be advertised via the usual channels.

Following on from the success of the Channel 9 tour, more social tours are being looked into by the CPD & Events Sub Committee, if you have any suggestions please let us know.

Salary Survey

The ALLA(WA) salary survey is sent to members every two years. It is due to be sent out this year, but before we do the Committee will be asking the membership a few questions. For example one of the questions will be around the frequency of the survey.

Members will receive a form to complete via Google docs shortly.


The Compliance & Regulatory Sub Committee lead by Catherine Kafentzis will continue to ensure the ALLA(WA) Constitution is compliant and the Policies and Register of Decisions and Procedure Manual are current. Legislative amendments from the Associations Incorporation Act 2005 (WA) will ensure the ALLA(WA) Constitution is compliant. The amendments will be signed off by the Committee next month.


The WALL (previously known as the Union List) Sub Committee lead by Gil Bevan, has an army of volunteers assisting her with data entry. A big thank you to these volunteers. A homepage is currently being created which will include the new logo design. The Committee received copyright permission from the creator of the logo to use the logo on external documents.

Social media statistics

The Blog page views last month were 2,424 and the number of all time view of this Blog is currently (at the time of posting) at 70,427.

On Twitter  (@LawLibsWA) we have 134 followers and have made over 510 tweets.

We would be delighted if you would like to follow us or like us on Facebook!


A reminder that the ALLA Ltd AGM will be held on Wednesday September 27th 2017 at 1pm EST via webinar. You can register you attendance by going to

If you wish to have your apologies recorded please email

Please feel free to contact me or the committee on with any ideas or feedback you have.

Natalie McDonald

2017/2018 ALLA(WA) President

ALLA Conference 2018 - Call for abstracts extended!

Call for abstracts has been extended till Friday 29th September 2017!!

Missed the deadline? Don't worry, we've extended the deadline.

The conference is a fantastic opportunity that only comes around very two years to share your ideas and learnings with the profession so now the time to get writing!

The theme for the conference is Local Footprint, Global Impact. This is a very broad theme and to help narrow it down the conference committee have given a few hints for topics within this theme, specifically:

  • Indigenous issues
  • Career development
  • Technology
  • Education

Remember the papers and posters for the conference do not need to be limited to these topics but be sure to bring your abstract back to the wider theme of the conference.

Additional details on submitting your abstract are available at

Need help turning that fantastic idea into an abstract for ALLA 2018? Check out the tips for submitting your abstract on the Conference website (

ALLA Ltd AGM Registration and Documents now available!

The Annual General Meeting of the Australian Law Librarians’ Association Ltd will be held on Wednesday September 27th 2017 at 1pm EST via webinar.

In preparation for the ALLA Ltd Annual General Meeting the agenda and all reports are now available for review at

ALLA members have been sent details on how to register their attendance at the AGM webinar. If you have not received these details please contact your Divisional Secretary.

For ALLA (WA) this is Alice Hewitt

ALLA Awards 2017 - Seeking nominations

Know someone whose done great work over the past year?  Now is your opportunity to recognise and celebrate the great people in our industry!

The ALLA Board is pleased to invite nominations for the following awards:

1. ALLA Law Librarian of the Year Award 2017

This award will be given to an individual librarian or technician who, in the opinion of the Scholarship and Awards Committee, has made a significant contribution to the work of ALLA and/or the legal information profession.

Further information:

2. ALLA Gem of the Year Award 2017

The aim of this award is to recognise outstanding best practice in the field of legal information and education by:

  • Recognising and rewarding excellence and innovation in customer relations
  • Promoting awareness of how customer relations initiatives can benefit information professional and suppliers alike 
  • Encouraging high-quality communication
  • Promoting best practice

Further information:

3. ALLA Legal Information Service of the Year Award 2017

This award rewards the dedicated performance and outstanding service given by legal information services, law libraries and those teams managing legal collections and services. These awards are unique as they recognise the value and importance of dedicated team work within our sector.

Further information:

All nominations must be submitted by 15 September 2017. The awards will be announced at the ALLA 2017 Annual General Meeting.

Nominations will be reviewed by a selection panel and the decision of the panel will be final.

Trung Quach

ALLA Vice President

Event Recap: Channel Nine News Tour

ALLA (WA) is grateful to Channel Nine for a very successful tour of their Perth Studio on Thursday August 31 2017.

20 people attended, including some CURTIS members, were shown around the studio, and had a chance to sit at the news desk and try out the auto reader.

We got to see a secondary studio,  back rooms with multiple screens and the attractive lunchroom with a breakout room.

Journalist Scott Cunningham gave us an insight into the daily life of a reporter, and we also talked to a news producer, technical staff and the chief of staff, all of who coped well with the many questions we had of them, including ones about data retention, since we are, after all, from the library sector!

Many thanks to Luise Crisafulli for getting the ball rolling with this event.

Next on 9 Live: Librarians Take Over the News!

Thanks to Anne Young for this event recap. 

Call for Abstracts Closing Soon


The deadline for submitting your abstract for ALLA Conference 2018 is around the corner!

Abstracts are due no later than 5.00pm on Friday, 15 September 2017.

Need help turning that fantastic idea into an abstract for ALLA 2018? We are here to help. Check out the tips for submitting your abstract on the Conference website (

Details on submitting your abstract are available at